Zaatar Mixes

Zaatar Moumtaz
Zaatar 1st Choice
Zaatar Jordainan Mix
Zaatar Aleppian Mix
Zaatar Palestinian Mix
Royal Lebanese Zaatar

Condiments & Desserts

Instant Falafel
Loukmades Dumpling Mix
Sfouf Cake Mix
Jelloween Strawberry
Custard Powder


Tisane ( Herbal Tea )
Crushed Mint
Bay Leaves
Sage Leaves
Adonis Slimming Herbal Tea

Middle Eastern Mixes

Seven Spices
Falafel Spices
Chicken Kebab Spices (Shish Taouk Spices)
Red Shish Taouk Spices
White Shish Taouk Spices
Sijouk Spices
Kaftah Spices
Kibbeh Spices
Shawarma Spices
Moughrabiah Spices
Chicken Spices
Sausage Spices
Fish Spices
Meat Pie Spices
Chicken Shawarma Spices
Chicken Sausage Spices
Cookies Spices
Rice Spices
Kawarma Spices
Maklouba Spices
Mahashi Spices
Hot Fish Spices
Siyadiyeh Spices
Basterma Spices
Tabooly Spices
Mansaf Spices
Muhammara Spices
Nifa Spices
Ouzi Spices
Chicken Wings Spices
Fried Eggs Spices
Soup Spices

Arabian Gulf Mixes

Kabssah Spices
Beryani Spices
Caply Rice Spices
Mandi Spices
Majbous Spices
Samneh Spices

Iraqi Mixes

Amba Spices
Torshi Pickle Spices
Kleejah Spices

Arab Maghreb Mixes

Couscous Spices
Ras El-Hanout
Ras El-Hanout (Red)
Ras El-Hanout (Yellow)

International Mixes

Hamburger Spices
Chicken Burger Spices
Fried Chicken Spices
Barbeque Spices
Crispy Chicken Spices
Cajun Spices
Pickling Spices
Steak Spices
Roast Beef Spices
Fish Filet Spices
Nuggets Spices
Chicken Marinade
Broasted Spices ? Classic
Broasted Spice - Spicy
Chicken Sub Spices

Mexican Mixes

Philadelphia Spices
Fajita Spices
Mexicana Spices
Grill Argentina Spices
Francisco Spices

Italian Mixes

Pizza Spices
Pasta Herbs
Pizza Herbs
Lasagna Spices
Pizza Sauce Spices

French Mixes

Chicken Escalope Spices
Beef Escalope Spices
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Beef Cordon Bleu

Greek Mixes

Gyros Spices
Chicken Gyros Spices

Spanish Mixes

Paella Spices

Far Eastern Mixes

Chinese Spices
Curry Powder Medium
Hot Curry Powder
Curry Madrass Powder
Tandoory Spices
Garam Masala

Basic Spices

Allspice Ground
Black Pepper
Cinnamon Ground
Cumin Ground
Coriander Ground
Caraway Ground
Anise Ground
Nutmeg Ground
Cloves Ground
Mahlab Ground
Aleppo Pepper
Ginger Ground
Fennel Ground
Red Pepper Powder (Cayenne)
Crushed Red Pepper (Cayenne)
White Pepper
Galangal Ground

Whole Spices

Allspice Grains
Black Pepper Grains
Mahlab Grains
Cloves Whole
Nutmeg Whole
Cumin Seed
Coriander Seed
Anise Seed
Cardamom Whole Green
Cardamom Whole Green Jumbo
Fennel Seed
Kibbeh Spices Grains
Ginger Whole
Dried Light Lime
Dried Dark Lime
Nafasah Spices
Green Pepper Whole
Red Pepper Grains
Mustard Grains
Fenugreek Whole
Cinnamon Sticks
Galangal Whole

Some of our Special Items

Spices Jars

We are providers of the highest quality, hand-selected, hand-prepared and sterilized spices. We offer a large variety of blends and spices. Our spices are ground fresh, so that we can offer the freshest possible product. Our ingredients come from high quality fresh leaves, seeds, flowers and beans with high oil contents to conserve their aroma.

Zaatar Cans

Zaatar is a Lebanese traditional specialty food. Adonis Spices with its long experience and good manufacturing techniques reached her goal to globalize and promote this traditional Lebanese food throughout the international markets. With our skills and big effort we became specialized in all blends of Zaatar that are particular for every Middle Eastern country.

Desert Mixes Cans

In order to expand the pleasures of the dessert and to continue to satisfy even the most pretentious clients, we have set the standards even higher, and offer ready, fast and easy to prepare along with great-tasting, high quality products and innovation that guarantee the ultimate satisfaction to your taste.

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